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Anxiety and Stress Therapy

Take that first step toward peace and happiness.

When you’re anxious, you often don’t use the word, “anxious.”

You say things like you’re… Worried. Stressed-out. Distant from others. Suddenly angry. Compulsive. Panicked. Grim. Tense. Avoidant. Isolated. Easily bugged. Traumatized.

Anxious people often don’t seek therapy because, well, thinking of calling a therapist makes them anxious. But certain forms of therapy are really, really good at treating anxiety, and there are a lot of things a therapist can do to help eliminate anxiety, from thought-stopping to exposure to relaxation techniques, psychoanalysis, EMDR… Figuring out what will work best for you is a key part of our job.

Is Therapy Right For Me?

You are not your best self when you are anxious. If you’re anxious, you might be:


– Edgy, pressured, tense, panicked, angry, miserable, manic, depressed.


– About the worst thing that might happen. About how you might have humiliated yourself last night. About the bad thing that happened to you, maybe a long time ago. Anxious thinking chases its own tail, and makes you feel worse and worse.

– That you are powerless to fix the big problems, that asserting yourself will make things worse, that you shouldn’t get help, that it’s hopeless.

– About a bad thing that happened to you (or trying not to think about it).


What’s it make you do? Drinking, TV, porn, shopping, compulsive OCD rituals, angry outbursts. People often do things that relieve them in the moment, but damage their lives, which leads to, you guessed it, increased anxiety. These are all forms of avoidance of challenges – and the inherent or imagined risks of failure, embarrassment, rejection, or making someone mad at you.

Acting anxious makes you more anxious, which makes you act anxious…

Anxious people often try the same thing over and over again – and are afraid to try something new, like, oh, say therapy.

I mean, you’ve tried lots of solutions on your own, right?

Why keep trying, without an expert to help?

Our Approach.

The Bridge Center Difference

We will assess:

– How you think, and what you do

– The body. Everything from recent lab values to sleep to diet to exercise.

– Relationships. Because getting relationships working can be the fast-track to relieving anxiety.

And we will intervene.

You will:

– Develop the simple habits that can make you feel much, much better.

– Challenge and interrupt destructive thought reruns.

– Find increasingly better ways to connect with other people.

– Do one little thing after another that will quiet the anxiety, and free you to get on with your life.

You really can get there from here.


Dan Quinn, PsyD

Clinical Director


Tim Edwards, MBBS

Relationship Coach


Stacy Smith, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist


Rob Gross, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist


Yael Stiles, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Kirsten Maier, PhD

Licensed Psychological Assistant


Danielle Lancon, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Chris Wiley, MSW, ASW

Licensed Associate Social Worker

"Rob's open and gentle manner made me feel immediately comfortable. He is skilled at managing challenging relationship issues, and brings his wealth of compassion and sensitivity to difficult situations..."
“Dan is one of the most thoughtful, compassionate, analytic and creative thinkers I’ve come to know.”   
“After two of the worst years of my life, I just wanted to give up. Kirsten’s respectful attitude and gentle probing helped me to revalue myself, and I now have a more positive outlook. I am a changed person and now I can get on with enjoying my life...”
“One of the most profound messages Tim imparted to me was that this work can be fun. I don't have to be in pain to do this inner work…”
“Warmth and insight seem to be second nature to Yael…”
"When I first met Rob, I immediately felt a sense of warmth and empathy that made me comfortable to express my true feelings on the anxiety and depression I have suffered from for years..."
"Working with Dan is like taking a weekly trip to a special gym, with a great trainer, where I work out and practice staying emotionally present…"
“Kirsten, it was great working with you. Thank you for listening so well to me. I really appreciated your insights. They made me say ‘Hey, I haven’t thought about that before. I haven’t looked at it that way before...”
"I went to traditional counselors for my anxiety management, and none of them had ever been able to help me understand my anxiety, but Tim did…"
"Yael’s focus on understanding her client’s view of the world and dedication to guiding them to achieve their goals serves them well…"

We can help.

Let’s Do What Works

Anxiety feels awful. It’s the most common psychological complaint (close to a third of us will report high anxiety) and when it’s severe you might think you don’t know how you’re going to stand another minute of it.

At its worst, you’re convinced that you’re going to die. It feels so bad that we often avoid doing anything that might make us more anxious, and will do almost anything if it might make us feel less anxious.

You really can get there from here.

Evening and weekend appointments available.

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