Fighting for The Relationship

Here’s a really simple question that you can train yourself to ask yourself whenever you’re in a fight with your partner which is: “Am I fighting to win?” Because if you’re fighting to win, you’re probably having a destructive conversation. Suddenly it’s not about what everybody needs or what both of you need. It’s about […]

Four Ways to Damage Your Relationship

Dr. Dan Quinn of Bridge Therapy Center discusses and explain the Four Ways to Damage Your Relationship.   One of the things I say to couples is look up John Gottman on the internet. We have links on our website. John Gottman has revolutionized couples therapy by studying thousands of couples. Basically, we know  when […]

You Need A Coach

You Need A Coach Dr. Dan Quinn of Bridge Center Therapy discusses and explains why You Need A Coach when it come to your relationship. Here Here Transcript Another way of putting it is “couples therapy is not Wimbledon” The couples therapist is not there to go, “what do you think you should do?” The […]

Expect a Lot From Therapy

It’s Better If You Go For It. We know a ton about what makes therapy successful. For example, research has repeatedly found that, of all the factors that predict a successful therapy (like various things therapists should do), there is only one feeling. It’s not anxiety, or sadness, or anger – as far as we know, for […]

The Coach From Down Under

When Tim Edwards grew up in Australia, somebody who said you were sensitive was challenging you to a fight. Tim was sensitive. He had to learn how to manage some very tough situations, without using his fists. When we formed The Bridge Center, we wanted to make a home for distinctively impactful therapists and coaches—in […]

Talking to Your Older Self

Talking to Your Older Self We spend a lot of time in therapy talking to our younger selves. (“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” Faulkner) But this is a hilarious and oddly thought-provoking experiment Stoney Emshwiller ran 38 years ago – he recorded a bunch of questions for his older self, and now he’s […]