Danielle Lancon, LCSW

Danielle Lancon, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Danielle, a Bay Area native, enjoys the diversity and cultural richness that the region has to offer. She had spent years with USC’s Counseling Center and at the Veteran’s Association helping her clients relate more deeply with each other, themselves, and their world for a richer, fuller life. She’s now been drawn to The Bridge Center for the continuing education and peer support system that lies at the very heart of its mission as a place to learn and grow with each other.

Danielle has a natural way of connecting to people and making them feel comfortable, especially when they’re new to therapy and not sure what to expect. She enjoys fine-tuning her methods to suit each of her clients’ needs. Through this discovery, she employs a wide range of approaches including psychodynamic therapy, grounding techniques, cognitive-behavioral therapy, the visual arts, and strengths-based work. Danielle is profoundly grateful to spend her time helping others in this way.


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