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Not all relationships can handle the tension of indefinite and close proximity. This time of isolation can be a period of great growth or great struggle in your relationship. If you’re feeling stressed out about the impact of the pandemic on your relationship know that you are not alone and your nervous reaction to being quarantined with your partner is normal. Here are some tips to help you keep your relationship intact while you’re in confinement together.


1- Build a New System of Roles and Responsibilities


The old arrangements may no longer make sense. Have a conversation. Make new lists. This will help you avoid the battle over who is doing more and whether things are fair.



2- Work from Different Rooms 


If possible, try to work from different rooms at least during part of the day. If it’s not possible, think about the potentially annoying habits you may have while working.


3- Communicate


It’s not just about speaking. It’s also about active listening. Make the space to be present and listen actively. Don’t just talk to fill the space.


4- Spend Quality Time Together

Try to carve out just 30 minutes a day to be together. Make a point of blocking out this time to invest in your relationship.


Couples Counselor


5- Be Kind to Each Other


Everyone is in this. Disagreements will happen, but the most important thing you can do right now is to practice compassion – toward your partner and yourself.


6- Practice Healthy Coping Skills


There are some simple coping strategies you can try. Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, music, books or just pacing might help you feel better


7- Make Time for Alone Time


Everyone needs time by themselves. Try to coordinate your alone time with your partner’s alone time. You need time apart to recharge.


8- Take Very Little Personally

Forgive your partner and yourself generously. That way you will be bonding through conflict. Resolve issues and forgive. This will enhance your bond.


Couples Counselor


9- Let Go of Perfectionism


Let go of what your ideal self would be doing right now and embrace what your actual self is doing to cope. Accept that everyone is just doing their best in this strange time. 


10- Stay in Touch with the Outside World


Thanks to technology, there are plenty of ways to communicate. Don’t neglect the friends and loved ones who don’t live with you.


11- Practice Self-Care


A healthy diet, exercise and a good sleep routine can help you. It may be hard to start, but the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll start feeling more like yourself.



12- Remind Yourself It’s All Temporary


This will help you focus on the present. If your relationship can’t handle the strain, at least you know. If it can, make sure you do everything to help it stay strong.

The COVID-19 pandemic can either make things much better or much worse in your relationship. View it as an opportunity. Create quality time for yourselves and, now that we have more time than ever, use it wisely.


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