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Rob Gross, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist (CA106012)

Rob’s work is to help clients become the people they long to be. He sees the challenges we face not as signs of what is wrong with us, but as the result of what our experiences have wrongly taught us to believe about ourselves. Almost everyone seeking therapy is hurting in some way: we feel depressed, anxious, angry, or we are having relationship problems. We may be feeling guilt or shame. But when we talk openly about these problems, we can begin to change. We learn how these problems came about, but more importantly, how we resolve them.

Rob’s work is guided by his training and life experience. His background is in humanistic, cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic approaches to therapy. His training is consistent with his values of respect and caring for the individuals and couples he works with. His experiences include working in community mental health, hospital-based care, and family services. He was also the founder and CEO of a highly successful consulting company. He is the father of two flourishing, neuro-atypical adult children, and his own therapy has helped him immeasurably to continue to be rewarded by his marriage of 31 years.

When I first met Rob, I immediately felt a sense of warmth and empathy that made me comfortable to express my true feelings on the anxiety and depression I have suffered from for years…   —Former Client

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