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Bereavement is a painful, stressful and difficult journey at the best of times. Mourning the loss of a loved one is hard and the COVID-19 crisis makes it more difficult. Grieving during a pandemic is complicated. But, it’s important to do, even if that means finding a new approach. Here are some suggestions to help you shift your focus and manage your feelings of grief.


1- Acknowledge That Grieving is More Complicated Now


You have additional sources of stress associated with the pandemic. Don’t blame yourself for things that are out of your control.



2- Know There’s No ONE Way to Grieve


It’s time to be creative, since typical funerals and customs may not be available. The new ones may even become better than some of your long-standing customs.


3- Be Kind to Yourself


You will have good days and bad days and go through a whole range of emotions. Don’t start to believe that you are a burden or that your feelings are not valid. 


grief counseling


4- Use Technology to Grieve With Others 


Set a time to collectively remember the person you lost. You may be scattered across the country or the globe so you can’t meet. But, you can still connect.


5- Spend Less Time Watching the News


It’s sensible to be aware of major announcements. Outside of that, watching the news may only increase your stress levels.


6- Create Your Own Rituals


Think about what is most meaningful for you at funerals. Is it the readings, poems, pictures or music? Create something similar on a smaller scale to personalize the way you grieve.


grief counseling


7- Do Some Journaling


Writing down your feelings is therapeutic. Keep it private or write a tribute to share with loved ones.


8- Give Yourself Time


Don’t rush yourself through the process. Reaching a place of acceptance takes time. Give yourself time to work through the pain of loss.



9- Find Support


If you are struggling to deal with your feelings, consider grief counseling. We offer online therapy. Call (510) 497-4174 today to schedule your free consultation.


Grief is a normal response to loss, but the pandemic has upended many aspects of the normal grieving process. Grief is very personal, so, follow your unique process. Be open to different ways of grieving and have a clear coping plan.


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