Grief Therapy

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Do You Find Yourself Struggling To Move On With Life After A Loss?

Loss impacts everyone differently. Some people can get on with their life like nothing happened in a few days, while others take weeks, months or even years to get over their loss. Grief therapy helps people get past their loss and move forward in life.

Is Therapy Right For Me?

 Signs You Might Be Suffering From Loss And Should Seek Grief Therapy

– You often have uncontrollable feelings of sadness, anger or hopelessness

– You don’t like doing activities that you used to love doing

– You find yourself abusing drugs or alcohol

– You are experiencing unexplained headaches, stomach-aches or other signs of stress

– Your friends or co-workers have let you know they are concerned about your emotional and mental state

– You just don’t feel right

How Grief Therapy Works

Talking about and expressing yourself after a loss is one of the best ways to move past it and get on with your life. Everyone grieves differently, but by talking about how a person is feeling, they become more in touch with why they are feeling a certain way. Once a person understands why they are feeling a certain way they are better able to cope with their grief.

We listen to you and make recommendations to help you determine why you are feeling a certain way and how you can best move past the feelings which are having a negative impact on your life.

How Our Therapists Approach People Dealing With Grief

Our therapists understand that grief is normal and that everyone goes through grief in their own way. The first step we take into helping a person overcome grief is to create a warm, welcoming and trusting environment in which the person is comfortable sharing the reason for their grief and expressing it in their own unique way, such as, venting their anger, laughing or even crying.

Everyone deals with grief and moves on with their lives at a different pace. If you’re having trouble moving on, we invite you to speak with one of our therapist about it and get your life back.

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You really can get there from here.

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