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During the COVID-19 pandemic you may feel unsafe, have trouble sleeping and experience distressing emotions. It is normal to feel some anxiety when a global infectious disease impacts every area of your life. Here are some ways to cope when the anxiety has a negative effect on your life during these uncertain times.


1- Find Something Else to Talk About


This is a good time to lean on your social network. Just make sure that you are talking about other things so you don’t exchange and amplify worries.



2- Set Media Limits


To protect yourself from information overload, set yourself a limit e.g. 10 minutes online every two hours and don’t take your smartphone to bed with you.


3- Protect Yourself


Action is an antidote to anxiety. Wash your hands, clean surfaces, stay home if necessary. Do what you can to protect yourself and your loved ones. 


anxiety counseling


4- Make a List of Things to Do at Home 


Engage in activities like reading, organizing, finishing a project or picking up a new hobby. Anything that is meaningful to you will improve your mood and motivation.


5- Don’t Underestimate Yourself


You may be overestimating how well you will be affected. Be mindful that you are more resilient than you think.


anxiety counseling


6- Don’t Fight It


Allow your fears to wash over you and accept your anxiety as part of the human experience. You are not alone. Resist the urge to escape.


7- Practice Self-Care


Exercise in your home, take your pets for walks, engage in old and new hobbies, learn to meditate.


8- Seek Professional Help


You may experience anxiety symptoms that interfere with work, maintaining close relationships, socializing or taking care of yourself and others. A licensed mental health professional can help you manage your fears and help you with coping strategies.



Getting proactive about your psychological well-being can help you maintain your mental health during these times of uncertainty.


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