Life satisfaction is being happy about your life as it is right now. Being content and feeling fulfilled are what we ultimately strive for. It does not preclude ambition. It is simply gratitude, appreciation and acceptance. True contentment is a deep-seated sense of accepting who you are.


If you hope to cultivate more satisfaction, here are some ideas to help you on your journey.


1- Find Your Stress Relief


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Figure out what soothes you. Find a hobby that quiets your mind. Make a point to take time out of your busy schedule to practice this activity.


2- Have Goals


If you can identify a goal that is worth pursuing you will be more likely to be satisfied with where you are and you will be more positive about yourself.


3- Transform Your Thought Process


If your thoughts remain positive it gives you the strength and commitment to continue. You must master seeing the good in every situation.




4- Show People You Appreciate Them


Offer kind words and actions. The more good you put out in the more you will receive back.


5- Play Up Your Strengths


It’s more productive to continue developing your current skills. You will live a more fulfilling life if you emphasize the parts you like about yourself.


6- Be of Service to Others


Being compassionate and helping others will improve your self-esteem. It is fulfilling to bring a smile to someone else’s face.


7- Embrace All Your Emotions 


All emotions can be positive in some contexts and negative in others. It doesn’t help bottling them up.

embrace your emotions

8- Take Care of Yourself


Regular exercise, the right food choices and a consistent sleep schedule can reduce stress and anxiety while boosting your self-esteem and happiness.


9- Remember Money Can’t Buy Happiness


Regardless of what you achieve in the pursuit of stuff, it’s never going to bring you to an enduring state of contentment.


10- Ditch Your Phone


Turn off all electronics. Let your mind wander free for a change. Read. Meditate. Take a walk and pay attention.


11- Treasure Your Experiences


Aim to visit a new place. Experience and enjoy new activities. Your experiences belong to you.



12- Stay Mindful


Sometimes you want to escape, but by practising mindfulness, you experience all aspects of life more fully and you are more engaged.


Satisfaction is simply a mind game you play with yourself. You have complete control over the outcome.

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