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When you suffer from depression many of your coping strategies can actually make your problem worse. Are you hindering your recovery? Only when you overcome these 5 common mistakes will you start making progress.


You can get there from here.


1- You Try to Be All Things to All People


Do you have the  ̈just say no problem¨? You have to draw the line at some point. You must hang on to your resources to stay well.


2- You Don’t Fix the Things That Frustrate You


Sometimes the problems that trigger irritability are easily fixable. People with depression often just put up with issues. This is understandable, but not helpful.


depression counselor


3- You Feel Bad About Feeling Bad


Your mind will start to add new fears and negative emotions to the depression you already have. Remove your mind with itś negative thought processes from the formula of your distress.


4- You Believe the Little Voice in Your Head


It`s is making a case against your value as a human being. It will make you feel like you are worthless and your life is hopeless.



5- You are Suffering in Silence


Depression doesn’t usually go away on its own. You can start by telling a friend or relative or your primary care physician. Never worry alone.


Need Help? We Can Help.


If you are trying to cope by doing these things, you know that it’s not working. A professional depression counselor can help you figure out what is causing your depression and give you the coping skills to relieve your suffering without destructive consequences.

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