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Isolation is a major cause of depression. The health consequences of feeling lonely are dramatic. It can also disrupt your sleep, elevate your blood pressure, increase stress and lower your overall well-being. 


Whether you are facing a crisis and need support or you just need to spend time with people who care about you, these connections play a critical role in your day-to-day survival. Here are a few ways to become and stay more socially connected.


1- Say Hello


Even fleeting moments of connection can help. Say hello to people as you go through your day.



2- Share From Your Own Experience


Think about what you might like from others to help you feel more connected and offer this to someone else.


Depression Therapists


3- Pinpoint Their Strengths


Encouraging others to be the best of who they are naturally brings out the best in you.


4- Walk In Their Shoes


Approaching others with understanding allows your kindness to shine through and opens you to the possibilities of new connections.


5- Cast a Wide Net


Look to different relationships for different kinds of support. Look to people you can count on to avoid negative interactions.


Depression Therapists


6- Follow Your Interests


You’re more likely to connect with people who like the things you like. Meet others who share your interests.


7- Respond Promptly


When someone makes a request, acknowledge it immediately. Not responding leaves people feeling that you don’t care.


8- Listen


You will connect better by showing more empathy when you ask people questions and listen attentively to their answers.


Depression Therapists


9- Look Online


Social networks can help you stay connected. Just be cautious about arranging in-person meetings and stick to reputable sites.


10- Make the First Move


If you meet someone you think may become a good friend, invite them to join you for coffee or another casual activity.


11- Show Appreciation


Say, “Thank you” in person, or send a note when someone supports you. Let people know you appreciate their thoughtfulness. 


Depression Therapists


12- Build Your Existing Bonds


Sometimes the best relationships are right beneath your nose. Feeling lonely? Call a friend or family member.


13- Create Your Own Personal Support


How do you unwind? How do you calm yourself? Prioritize self-care. Building your relationship with yourself is also essential.


14- Support Others

Helping others is proven to boost cognitive health and overall well-being. Visit a lonely neighbor. Do anything to get them engaged with others.



15- Rebuild Old Connections


Reach out to people you may not have spoken to in a while. Make a call, send a message or visit their social media.


Anything you can do to stay connected is good for your body and soul. Make it your intention to get out there and get social.


Are you struggling to connect? We are experts in human behavior. We can help you manage your stress and improve your social skills. Call (510) 497-4174 today to speak to one of our depression therapists.


This post was written by Lani Gouws on behalf of The Bridge Therapy Center. If you have any questions or require more information, please contact Lani here: