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It’s decadent and selfish.  It’s inaccessible to me. It’s just a fad.

There are many misconceptions about what self care really means. The truth is that self care is so much more important than treating yourself to something expensive. It involves assessing your needs and taking action. Once you begin to look after yourself, you will rely less on your partner for all your happiness… and that is not selfish at all. Here are 5 simple and accessible ways in which you should be taking care of yourself.

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1- Learn to Say No

You feel obligated to say yes when someone asks for your time or energy. But, it will only lead to burnout and anxiety. It won’t be easy in the beginning, but once you learn, you will feel more empowered… and self care is all about empowering yourself.

2- Get Some Sleep

You’re probably not getting enough sleep for you. Do you even know the minimum amount of sleep you need? Are you getting that? Making a concerted effort to have better sleeping habits will also help you get in touch with your body’s other needs, like a healthy diet and exercise.

marriage therapy

3- Make Time for Good Friends

Healthy people in healthy relationships spend time away from their partner. You need a network of support. Hang out with friends who radiate positivity and enthusiasm. Focus on quality, not quantity.

4- Practice, practice, practice

It takes time if you haven’t been focused on self care for long. Schedule time for your self care. If you go backwards, take a break. It doesn’t mean that you failed and everything was for nothing. It just means you’re human.

marriage therapy

5- Consider Therapy

Are you experiencing barriers or feeling guilty about focusing on yourself? Getting in touch with a therapist can help you learn more about yourself and the behavior patterns that are blocking you.

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