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Willpower is a combination of courage, mental stamina and determination. It makes all the difference in the world and stands behind most success stories.  The good news is that willpower can be learned and strengthened. Here are 8 actionable steps that will yield powerful results if built into habits.


1- Avoid Temptation


This is an effective way of making the most of your available self-control. Avoiding temptation ensures that you do not “use up” your available self-control before it is really needed.


You can get there from here.


2- Do the Opposite

Anytime you modify your routine, you’re developing self-control. Once you’ve succeeded in making a tiny change, you can work toward accomplishing something more substantive.


3- Plan Ahead


Consider possible situations that might break your resolve. If you are faced with temptation, what actions will you take to avoid giving in?

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4- Break Down Goals

Large goals are very hard to stick to, especially when they are difficult. Your willpower is best served if you break these large goals down into small steps that will ultimately lead to the goal. 


5- Keep It Simple


You can’t change everything all at once, and you can’t massively change your life at stressful times. If you want to see real change, you should start small, and tackle one long term goal at a time.


6- Use Your Imagination


The body often responds to imagined situations in the same way it responds to experienced ones. Imagination can blunt the cravings that erode your self-control.

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7- Make Your To-Do List Manageable


When you create endless lists, and leave tasks perpetually undone, your subconscious nags you about it, and you end up worrying far more than acting. 

8- Choose a Reward In Advance


Make it a game. Our brain is hardwired to pursue positive rewards. Don’t get down on yourself for the past. Just set a reward and make the change.


You are not forever bound by your bad habits. As long as you keep your goal in mind and work on strengthening your willpower, nothing is impossible. You can become a better version of yourself.


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