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Cabin fever is not a psychological disorder, but it is the very real feeling of claustrophobia when you are forced to remain in one place for an extended period of time.


Are you experiencing the following symptoms?

– restlessness

– lethargy

– irritability

– impatience

– food cravings or loss of appetite

– fear

– anger

– trouble concentrating

– sadness

– hopelessness


Here are some ways to cope and help lift your mood.

1- Get Out of the House


If you are able to leave your house, even a quick stroll can help you feel better. If you can not leave, get close to a window and get moving.


2- Rearrange Your Space


A few simple changes can make your space feel more habitable. Prioritize spaciousness and do your best to keep things tidy.

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3- Use Your Brain


Solving a problem or meeting a challenge can give you a sense of satisfaction. Stimulate your mind to help keep you moving forward and make you feel less helpless.


4- Express Your Creative Side


Use the time in isolation to keep your mind focused and reconnect with your creativity. Do the artistic activities you had to put on hold when life got to busy.


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5- Carve Out Some “Me-Time”


If you have responsibilities to the people living with you, take some time “away” from them to relax and destress.  


6- Stick With a Routine


Consistency can help you quiet the voice in your head. Eat nutritional meals, exercise and stay on a sleep schedule.



7- Connect With People


Loneliness and isolation contribute to mental health problems. Video chat with friends and family and open up. Don’t put on a brave face for loved ones.


If these feelings persist, and you can’t find a way to relieve the symptoms and feel better, you may have a more serious mental health condition. In this case, you should consider seeking professional help.


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