Online Couples Therapy


Virtual therapy has become more popular over the past decade. In many cases, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become the only way to gain access to the services of the couples therapist of your choice. Some couples may even find that online counseling has more advantages than face-to-face therapy sessions. If you and your partner are interested in teletherapy, here are 7 benefits to consider.


1- It’s Easily Accessible


You may currently be located far away from the therapy practice of your choice. At The Bridge Therapy Center we are licensed to provide teletherapy to clients located anywhere in California. 


2- It’s Convenient



Not having to commute to a therapist’s office makes for more flexible scheduling. When something fits well into your schedule, it’s easier to stay the course. At The Bridge Therapy Center, we have weekend and evening appointments available too.


3- It’s More Comfortable


You may find the physical presence of a third party who has to mediate and solve your problems intimidating. Online therapy means your partner is present while your therapist gently guides you through the process.


Online Couples Therapy


4- It Gives You Exposure to Therapy Without Feeling Exposed


It may be the thought of walking into a therapist’s office that has blocked you from seeking therapy. Online therapy introduces you to the mysteries behind the therapeutic process, from the safety of your own space.


5- It’s Useful for Long-Distance Couples


Long-distance couples can benefit from therapy to discuss issues that are often overlooked because of the physical separation. You can set conference calls with both parties present while the therapist gently guides you through the process.


6- It Allows You to Choose the Right Therapist


When you limit your search to only those therapists that are available to you locally, you may not find a counselor you’re comfortable enough with to address your unique issues. The result may be that you never find the help you need.


Online Couples Therapy


7- It Can Help You Through COVID-19


Online therapy can help you freely voice your thoughts and feelings, process those feelings, handle any tension or conflict with those you are quarantined with, and help you move forward.



If you are interested in online couples therapy or have any further questions, call (510) 497-4174 today to schedule your free online consultation.


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